We had a dream...

We dreamed of producing a beautiful wine in a magical place. We have created it. We bought available virgin lands. Then we cleared and dug over the land and rebuilt the “restanques” ( stone walls ), and finally we planted small areas of grapevines in the stony brown soil on the so called RANGEN, our Grand Cru flanked on the Piedmont, between the rough mountains of the nearby Vosges and the generous plain of Alsace.

The work was hard

But our dream kept us going. We are proud of the creation of our vineyard and its different varieties of grapes so characteristic of Alsace.
We planted RIESLING, PINOT GRIS and GEWURZTRAMINER chosen according to selected criterion. The efficient root systems of the plants quickly induced the required minerality to the wines.

The vineyard is beautiful

The morphology of the mountain and the care of all, have given to the RANGEN this image of a well-kept vineyard. The light winds during the spring, the bright sun in the summer and the fog coming up from the river Thur in the autumn, ripen the grapes, producing a splendid balance between the essential sugar contents and the acidity.

Taste it..

Eugène Schnebelen