PInot Gris 2009 Grand Cru

Characteristics and Serving Advice

Wine analysis

The wine is concentrated with smoky flavors, roasted and very slightly crystallized with an aromatic strength faithful to the soil.

Overall, the wine is complex and the mouth rounds up the palate. It leaves a remarkable fruity sensation.

Serving advice: This Pinot Gris is ideal for accompanying “foie gras”. Its flavors are revealed with duck, chicken in sauce or pork-loin in sauce.

  • Bottled : July 2011
  • Alcohol : 13,5°
  • Residual sugar : 230 grams/L
  • Tartaric Acid : 5,7g/L
  • Plot details : 2205 vines
  • Surface : 17,61 ares
  • Volcanic ground: Yield, circa 26 hl/ha.
  • Tasting: this young wine will be opened from 2013/15 on.