Our History - Le Clos de la Chapelle Saint-Urbain - Rangen Wines from Thann

Our story

As a young boy, iI spent my childhood in this wonderful region of the RANGEN. There were then only a few small vineyards. It was wild countryside populated with pheasant, roe-deer, hares and foxes… There were also many wild fruits. We indulged ourselves thoroughly: wild strawberries, blackberries, raspberries… A paradise for nature-loving children.
Then came the revival of the vineyard and the reconquest of its reputation. As a student, I came back every weekend to help my father take care of the family vineyard that we were the rare ones to preserve.
My ambition came at this far-off time: one day, I said to myself, “I will create a vaster vineyard and I will make my own wine”.

Wine. Just like the famous wine of the winegrowers who settled around us. Over the years I realized this wish - I took over fields and planted them with the varieties of vine which glorify so well the Grand Cru of the Rangen. The expertise of the vines grew alongside the expertise in the wine cellar, another place where the wine-grower needs to practice a real Art. Our wines are recognized for their specificity and technical quality. That is enough for happiness!
And the man I have become, still plants grapevines on the land with the precious help of the three daughters Claire, Léa and Marie that my wife, Dominique gave to me.

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